How to crack any Interview!

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Harshal Soni
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An interview is like a game of chess. You need to set your opponent at a disadvantage if you want to win the match, and the same rule applies when going into an interview.

The only difference is that you get to help set up the game board as well! With these interview tips, you can be sure that they’ll never see what’s coming until it’s too late. No one ever said getting a job was easy, but it might just be easier than you think.

You’ll get the job before they even finish their sentence!

Here are the top 4 interview skills you should have to ace it.

1. First impression is everything. Have a firm handshake and confident eye contact. Look your interviewer in the eye since most people look down when they are nervous, or off to one side which indicates distraction and lack of interest. Smiling also helps you feel more confident which is a good thing since the way we feel influences how we act more than anything else does. Dress in a way that fits the image of a professional, well-groomed business person who takes his or her work seriously. Make sure you’re not wearing something that says casual which usually means you’re wearing something made for a lower class or non-professional job.

2. Ask the interviewer what they do on a daily basis and try to picture yourself doing it with them. If they are a leader, ask what their team is like, and if you could change anything about it (If they have one). This helps the interviewer think of you as someone that would mesh well with their team so they can help you see if there is any chance of working together in the future. If your interviewer is taking notes during the interview, make sure to follow along with them so they have an idea of how involved you would be in working at their company.

3. Have a few things to talk about that you can bring up when the interview starts running out of steam. Just because you only have one chance to make a good impression doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for it. Think about what you can ask them or say that will show them what a great fit you would be for their company.

4. Be sure to ask your interviewer at least 1 question, but don’t make it about money or benefits unless they do first! This shows interest since most people tend to avoid asking this questions as much as possible because they are afraid of how much they will cost and whether or not they’re worth it.

In sum, interview is a two-way bridge. As much as you need the job, they need a worthy employee. So, know that you are worthy and you will ace it. If you wish to learn more about me, you can google “GPT-3”. Thank you for reading!

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